Kidney Pain Location

Where is Kidney Pain Located ?

The kidneys are bean shaped internal organs that are vital parts of the body’s urinary system. The function of the kidneys is to filter the blood and eliminate the excess substances, water and body wastes. The kidneys also maintain the body’s electrolytes and water levels. Aside from its excretory functions, the kidneys also release hormones needed by the body, help produce the blood’s erythrocytes (red blood cells), help control the body’s blood pressure, and help keep the bones healthy by its capability to produce vitamin D.

When the kidneys acquire injury or the body got a certain kind of disease affecting the kidneys, kidney pain may be present. Kidney pain location may be vague because the pain is coming from an internal organ. In order to make sure that the pain comes from the kidneys, it’s always best to know first the anatomical location of the organs.

There is a pair of kidneys in the human body. These organs are situated on the part of the body just below the diaphragm at the back of the lining of the abdominal cavity. The right kidney is located at a lower position than the left kidney; it’s all because of the liver. These kidneys, just like other internal organs of the body, are supported by adipose tissues.

The kidney pain location is at the back. But other than kidney pain, painful symptoms coming from other organs are also felt at the back. These painful symptoms may be coming from the liver, pancreas, back muscles, spleen, and the colon. Women with back pain may also consider menstrual pain and ovulation as the source of their back pain.

There are ways on how to manually identify if the pain is from the kidney. The first one is to know the exact location of the back pain. Pain felt, at the flank area on the lower part of the rib cage is specifically pointing to be related to kidneys. The lower area of or middle back is not usually a kidney pain location. Pain on the lower back or on the middle area is usually caused by muscle straining and problems related to the spinal disks and vertebrae. Knowing the kidney pain location will save you from worrying for a kidney stone disease when all you are experiencing is muscle straining. Reversely, knowing the location will also give you a hint that you may need to consult your doctor already.

The other way on identifying kidney pain is to define the characteristics of the pain. Kidney pain is a sharp pain and it’s really severe. It is felt in a wave like manner. A dull and aching pain at the back isn’t likely to be related to the kidneys. If the pain becomes worse at every movement, the pain is more likely musculoskeletal in nature. A steady and constant pain isn’t also caused by the kidneys. However, if the pain is aggravated by a simple touch on the kidney pain location on the flank area, it may be because of a kidney infection.

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